The Problem

Ventura has three small skate tracks that need upgrading, but skatepark money is not in the City budget until 2018. In the meantime, parents spend money taking their kids to skateparks in other cities, and Ventura has seen a surge of renegade skate spots that are costly liabilities.

The Solution

Ventura's skate tracks can each be expanded by at least 8,000 square feet. The VSIC Master Plan calls for the full makeover of all three tracks beginning at the site behind Pacific High School, where we propose the creation of a skate plaza to be completed post haste.

How To Help

Strong community support is key to a successful implementation of the VSIC Master Plan. Know anybody that can assist with materials, labor or other duties? Put us in contact!


Community Feedback:

"Ventura needs a well-built skatepark. Good skateparks keep kids out of trouble and keep damage to city property down. Please give Ventura the skatepark it needs!"

Ernie Guzman, Ventura

The VSIC Rebuild Plan satisfies 5 of 10 goals stated on the City of Ventura General Plan site:

Well-Designed Community
To reinvest in older areas of our community.

Active Community
To enhance parks and open spaces for the entire community.

Boost Tourism
World-class skateparks will attract international tourists.

Family-Friendly Recreation
Better skateparks attract families and are more family-friendly.

Expanding the skate tracks reduces costly irrigation.

Proactive Youth
A good skatepark will keep Ventura's kids active and healthy.