Mission Statement

Ventura has three small skate tracks that need to be upgraded but skatepark improvement money is not in the budget until 2018. The current tracks can safely sustain only 3-5 riders and suffer from design flaws which make them unattractive to the majority of recreational skateboarders. Additionally, the neglected tracks are attracting crime, drugs and violence. To date, over 2,000 people have signed the petitions to rebuild the tracks, and the skateboard community has raised over $2,000 through grassroots efforts.

The Short Term Solution

Expand on the pre-existing city owned site at Pacific High School and increase the size of the skateable area to completely fill the allocated land. This would remove the bushes and grass that have become a haven for homelessness and drug abuse. The Parks and Recreation Commission is working hand-in-hand with the skateboard community to achieve this goal, relying heavily on volunteerism.

The Long Term Solution

Utilize private grants, donations and City funds to raise $1,000,000 dollars to demolish the remaining West Park and Hobert Park tracks and replace them with first-class skateboard parks capable of sustaining televised events, sanctioned competitions and community programs.

Reasons to Support This Cause

The skatetrack rebuild plan satisfies five of ten goals stated on the City of Ventura General Plan site:

  • #3 calls for a well-designed community, with stated intent to ‘reinvest in older areas of our community and make great places by insisting on the highest standards of quality in architecture, landscaping and urban design.’
  • #6 calls for an active community; to ‘enhance our parks and open spaces to provide enriching recreation options for the entire community.’
  • #7 and #9 call for a creative, healthy and safe community that ‘weaves the arts into everyday life.’
  • #10 encourages us to ‘work together as a community to achieve the Ventura Vision through civic engagement, partnerships and volunteer service.’
Other Reasons to Support This Cause Include
  • Boost tourism (people would come from all over the world if we had a good park)
  • Decrease problems related to skateboarding in shopping centers and downtown areas
  • Discourage the crime, drugs and violence that plague the Pacific skate track
  • Protect the City of Ventura against the lawsuit that could easily result from an injury sustained at the neglected skate tracks
  • Encourage civic-mindedness amongst Ventura’s youth
  • Introduce legitimate skateboarding-based programs to the Parks and Recreation roster
  • Create a more family-friendly environment for Ventura’s youth to thrive in

Leave a comment or contact us to find out how you can get more involved.

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